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epson 1400 should i waste my money?

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Curious if i could get away with using the epson 1400 without anything special add-ons meaning inks or software. I would be using Waterproof Rfilm. I'm just wondering if i should get a new printer or not because i have no money to get software.

If anybody has used an epson 1400 without RIP software or anything else and gotten good results then let me know. Also if you fit the profile then let me know what settings you use to get the job done.

thanks a lot!
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I just use my 1400 for transfers but I don't use anything but the drivers for the 1400.I am sure there are people here using the 1400 for transparancies if you want to do a search. I like mine by the way.
I use the 1400 with Ryonet R-Film all the time with great results.

I just use the photo / photo glossy paper settings and get great opacity.

You'll only need a RIP if you want to do halftones and more. However, you can use Ghostscript for that I understand although I haven't gone that far just yet.
It's a great printer. Easy to use right out of the box for positives. Definitely not a waste of money.
It's a great printer. Easy to use right out of the box for positives. Definitely not a waste of money.
I agree, great printer right out of the box.

before you print, go to preferences, check the best photo option, and select ultra premium glossy photo paper.
1400 all the way had mine for 1 year so far .... work will with flims .... not a waste of money..... 100% worth it .... goood luck ...
Thanks everyone! This makes me a lot more confident in my purchase! I will let everyone know how it works out as soon as i get some money for some waterproof film! Thanks Again!
will the printer work okay if i primarily use photoshop cs2? Or should i be looking into getting another program like illustrator..?

hey, i just tested out the printer with the Rfilm and it works well, but it doesn't seem to be completely opaque. I can still see light when i looh through the image after its printed. It is much more dense then results with the old printer, so i'm curious if it will be an issue when I'm exposing

Please let me know what i need to do!

thanks again everyone!

p.s. heres a pic of what it looks like...


should i be worried?
Never mind! I re-adjusted the printer and then shut it down, and that changed all the settings! I guess the first time around i didn't turn it off.

I tried printing again to double up the prints and the printer was taking forever for some reason, then i checked the print and it was GOOD.

That is a huge relief!
Make sure you have "Quick Print" (or something similar) in the printer setting UNCHECKED.
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