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hi everyone, i am new to this forum.

i have a epson 1400 DTG and i am having issues.

1. when i start the printer while CD/DVD tray cable connected, the head slowly moves towards the left side and the paper feed motor spins quickly and the paper red light and red ink light start flashing.

2. when i try to removed the CD/DVD tray cable and start the printer, the head will move right to left few times and it will come up with paper rd light flashing.

3. if only the paper light flash i move the flatbed all the way in and press the paper feed button everything seems fine and printer status monitor shows as ready to print.

4. when i send a file for print a error shows up as the selected drive format its not suitable for CD/DVD tray and its asking me to delete the job and close the CD/DVD tray and print on paper.

5. i re-connect the CD/DVD tray cable back and re-send the same print file, the head moves to the left and suddenly the flatbed get pushed out, and the paper red light and ink red light flashing.

please someone help me
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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