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Epson 1400 am i doing something wrong?

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I bought an EPSON 1400 new in box(from an individual). I have printed(NO RIP) a few film positives on some 8.5 X 14 sheets from ACROBAT. I create the art in Illustrator and save as PDF, I open in Acrobat and print. My prints are coming out like attached pic. They seem to only do this on curves and are inconsistent. I cant figure out how to fix it. ANY HELP???


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What happens if you print straight out of Illustrator? Or convert it to a raster format (PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD) and print it out of Photoshop? It looks to me like you've got stray lines in the original file or the output to PDF isn't working properly. Switch to Outline mode to make sure there's no unstroked lines around.
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Thanks for your input. I just checked the art in outline mode and it all seems to be completed paths. I will try and output from Photoshop and Illustrator and see if that makes a difference. Anyone else have any tips or advice I can try?
How big is the image? If it is almost as big as the page make it just a little bit smaller and see what happens.
how does the file look in acrobat? can't you do a print preview?

what versions of the software are you using?
Im using ADOBE ACROBAT PRO CS5 and the PDF and print preview look perfect. The "weird things" happen only after its been printed. They are not consistent either, most of the curves are fine but there will be one or 2 that have either the straight edges added or cut off. I tried printing 2 of the same image on the same film and one printed fine and the other had an added straight block on a curve.
yeah, but that doesn't sound like a printer problem.

try turning the font into an object. type>create outlines. save as a different file. and then try printing. then get back let us know what happens.
I will try all of these suggestions when I get off my 9-5 today. Thanks for all the help. Hopefully these tips will take care of the problem.
it sounds like either a font problem (does this happen with all fonts and objects? i mean does everything you've tried printing come out with a problem like this? try printing simple objects (circles and squares) placed in multiple places on the page and see if there are any problems. sounds like a communication prob between computer and printer. are they compatible?

make sure you download and install the latest printer driver available for the printer by going to epson's website. cs5 is kinda new and the 1400 has been around a while. companies are always updating drivers to be compatible with software.
I actually always outline my fonts when designing. So far, it has only happened with curves similar to my attachment. I use a 2011 macbook pro with the driver from the epson/mac disk that came with the printer and connect via USB. I may try a different USB cable and possibly reinstall the driver and see if that solves my problem. I hadnt thought of these specifics. Thanks.
yeah the driver they give you in the box might not be the most current.

i use a mac and epson too and have never had a problem. the reason i say a comm problem is why wouldn't it print mistakes in other areas, you know?

you also might want to see if they have a forum connected to the epson site, where people might be a lot more knowledgeable about the topic.

let us know what happens. -good luck!
Very true! Ill call them or check there site for any updated drivers and possibly a forum. Guess I shouldve done that first BUT, I love this forum so I came here. Thanks again.
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did you solve the problem? if so, what was it?
Sorry, it took so long to respond. I updated the driver and changed out the USB cable and I havent seen the problem since. Thanks for all the help and advice. This Forum is awesome!
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