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Epson 1280 ink problems

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Good Day Everyone

Bought Magic Mix and some refillable ink cartridges from theprintvillageshop.com for my epson 1280. I can't seem to get the ink flowing right tried several cleanings with no luck. I don't know if its the ink or the cartridges. From everything I have read on this site Magic Mix is the best but the sales rep at the print village said I should'nt use pigmant ink in the Epson 1280.:(
:eek: PLEASE HELP! I have several clients waiting for product and no way to get it to them.
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well, i have epson 1280,but iam using a generic ink cartridge with mine.I am sure someone with the same bulk ink system like yours will soon answer your questions.Good luck.
it's time to ditch the epson. in the last 5 years... i have gone through 6 epson printes trying to find one that works well CONTINUOUSLY with a CIS....a 2200... two 1280's... two r280s... and now my six month old 1400.

between myself, my epson repairman, and my CIS & ink vendor... we have pretty much figured out that it's a motherboard issue... a failsafe built in to prevent the use of a CIS....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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