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Epson 1280 Blues :(

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long story short i hade a bluk ink system leek all over my 1280 and got another one off ebay and got burned on that one (usb dosnt work and the print head is trashed) so out of the two printers i have a HALF working 1280 it prints light now im asking for help after being 600 in and a month down

questions are

do i fix the printers (buy the new heads for 99 a pop)?

Would print head clog cleaner help me at all?

bluk or cartages inks , if bluk witch one?

and any other help is all ways good
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Hi DS,

First, your bulk ink has to be at the same level as your ink cartridge. (For an example: I put a book under my bulk ink system)

I have just installed my bulk ink on an Epson 1280 from www.inkjetfly.com and it's working perfectly. (But my only mistake is that I have purchase the dye base ink instead of the pigment one, newbie mistake) - but the system is working great I had a little leaking while installing but after making a head cleaning it was all fine.

I do not know much about fixing the print head but for the bulk ink that will be my advice.
Replacing the print head on a Epson is not for the faint of heart. It is not a user replaceable part. If your some what mechanically inclined, you may be able to do it your self, but it is considered a tech job. I've done it a few times my self, but I wouldn't reccommend it to most people. It's buried deep inside the printer and requires a full disassembly of the printer.

Replacement heads are hard to find since their not a user item. It'll take some searching to even find one. They usually run for about $150.00-180.00 or so. If your absolutely positive that the rest of your printer is working properly, it "might" be worth making the attempt. Personally, I wouldn't bother for any printer under the $500.00 + price rance. I'd just get a new one.

FWIW, Epson has a $100.00 rebate going through the end of the month on the 1280. PCNation.com has them for about $365.00. Once you get the rebate back, it'll only cost you about $265.00 to get a new printer with a full warranty. For what little you'd save to repair it and the gamble that something other than the print head is bad, I'd just replace it.

If your determined to repair it your self, there is a guy on EBay that has print heads for the 1280 for about 90.00. He's a power seller with good feedback, so your not likely to get taken.

As for the bulk ink, no since in repeating what's already been said other than to say that I get my ink for mediastreet.com.

Hope this all helps.
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The 1280s are pretty infamously difficult to get working with bulk ink systems. You might run some searches on the forums for "1280" and see if you can come up with other tips (the most important one seems to be the level on the inks, as matrix mentioned).
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