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epson 1100 BROKEN NOW WHAT??

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I purchased the epson 7520 and realized that it works for sublimation. (Who would have thought an all purpose printer would do that). Anyways, My epson 1100 broke yesterday and I'm left with all these sublimation inks in the bottle. I purchased empty cartridges that resets for the 7520 and wondering can I just use the inks for the 1100 and fill up the 7520 cartridges?

I bought the inks off amazon and had no clogging issues on the 1100 and printed out ok.. But i noticed the 1100 had 5 inks (cymk and extra black) while the 7520 is (CYMK) ..

If not... will even sawgrass or artanium ink be different as well??
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You'll have to pull the ink out and put it in the 7520 cartridges, but it should work fine. You might need a profile for the 7520. The inks are the same though for both.

I had a similar issue except I was using Pigment for an 1100. I also have a 7010 with Pigment and one for Sublimation. Changed over from 1100's.
I think all Sawgrass ink is the same just need new ICC profile for the printer, but to be sure call Sawgrass
I been using the 7510 model for 1 year and there the same ink just 4 color vs 5
CYMK is fine for sublimation. You said you bought the ink from Amazon, is it Sawgrass? With sublimation if you want correct colors you need an ICC profile that correct for the printer and ink. I just checked Amazon and the sublimation ink is not Sawgrass. I doubt you will get true colors without the ICC profile. If you can't get through Amazon, you may need to have one made. I have only used Sawgrass for the past 17 years so my info about third party ink may be faulty
no these are not sawgrass but the ink was really good for me. I use mostly cel type of designs so the colors can be little off and don't use photography much. But the colors still were pretty accurate and bright as well.. This was without profile too and. Ill see what happens on this printer.. Anyway just glad i don't have to fork over for an epson 1100 when i can get a all purpose printer for lot less.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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