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Enduratex Allmark 2 peeloing off after 1 game

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Wow! They left here looking great but, returned a week later hanging like old snake skin! I put Allmark 2 silver on the front and back of nylon maroon football jerseys.20 sec. application then peel cold followed by another pressing for 10 sec.. Mesh pattern looked good in the vinyl just as if it was screened on. Now, their hanging in sheets with some leaving a film on the fabric and some that show no trace a number or letter was ever there.I'm including some photos.Search your grey matter folks and tell me how to fix this,please. thanks


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I saw you posted two dwell times, but what was the tempature? Did Allmark give you the dwell, pressuare and Temp?
300 for 10-15 sec.Peel cold.Reheat if necessary.Firm pressure.
I've used Allmark 2 on nylon bags, and not had a problem, but I've not done it on jerseys. From your picture, it appears as though the it was overheated, or the adhesive was defective. I'm guessing you got the vinyl from Sign Warehouse, and I have had a few instances where I received deffective vinyl. Unfortunately, I don't know if the existing jerseys, especially the ones leaving the "film shadow" can be fixed. If possible, take one of the ruined jerseys and press a different brand of vinyl on it, wash it and see if it was indeed the vinyl, and not anything you may have done, as it sounds like you used the right temp. EasyWeed Extra from Siser for nylon, leather and other heat sensitive materials :(
Did you preheat the garment? Nylon is really tough to apply to, it holds moisture and chemicals, needs preheated until the steam quits releasing. I don't think this is the sole issue, what brand is the jersey?

Many new jersey constructions are posing challenges this year. Manufacturing lots of fabrics form overseas sometimes have coatings that make them very difficult to apply to. I strongly recommend that anyone running a large order of jerseys constructed of nylon or polyester, run a wash test on one piece before completing the order. This time and cost could save lots of money and most importantly your name.

Sorry about your experience. Posting the brand name of the jersey and style number will help....
I wish I would have read this last week. I just turned over an order. Didn't do a wash test either.
Josh they are Football America jerseys. Since my last post, I talked to the other coach who said none of his 23 jerseys had a problem and he couldn't speak for the 3rd team but had not heard of any problems with them either.After looking at my name and number list I see that these 10 jerseys were from a group of 14 cut and applied from the top of the list and had to be from the first roll of vinyl.To me it looks like a bad roll .10 of the first 14 returned... none of the other 40 have a problem.
I had the exact same problem with two different rolls of allmark this year as well. Figured first roll was defective, ordered a new roll and same problem. I ended up outsourcing since deadline was too close to get different vinyl. Does anyone know what the best choice is for jerseys? I will be hit up for basketball soon and do not want the same problem.
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