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endicia or stamps.com

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Do you guys have a preference between these 2 services (taking into account cost and ease of use)?

Are there any other competitive services out there? (threads on this topic were 2 years old)

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What will you be shipping?

Paypal has multi-order shipping which is free. The only advantage of endicia or stamps.com over Paypal is that you can purchase postage without a tracking #.
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You can purchase delivery confirmation in PayPal, the advantage of endicia and stamps.com is if your orders are not in PayPal you can use a differenet form of payment.

Stamps Advantages:

-free scale/postage
-set up FedEx account along with your account
-different shipping levels
-easier to work with when shipping internationals

Endicia Advantages:
-less down time (stamps.com tends to crash more)
-faster getting tracking information

Both are very good, it just depends on how much you are shipping, Endicia tends to work better for higher volume while Stamps is good for smaller shipping.
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Appreciate the info! Many thanks to you both!
Hi AtomicPress,

Some additional benefits of Stamps.com is that we are integrated with eBay, Amazon, Etsy, PayPal and other shopping carts. This feature allows you to import order data from multiple sources and then allows you to pick/choose which labels to print. Afterward, Stamps.com will post-back the Delivery Confirmation info into the marketplace (only exception is PayPal).

Also, in comparing us to PayPal, Stamps.com allows you to print First Class Mail International labels.

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Good info from all... thanks again!
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