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Hello all I use Ulano QTX (Pink) Emulsion and I was wondering, I have a customer that is going to order once a month 20 to 30 shirts at a time how long can I expect for the screen to last if I were to leave it up? I am also using plastisol ink. thanks for the responses.
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the life of the stencil will depend on several factors, mostly the type of stencil and the number of prints. The screen will deteriorate over time from wear but i don't know if the emulsion will break down on it's own over time.
I have used a stencil over and over for more then 3 years (only a few dozen prints per month) before needing to reburn it.

It's important to clean the screen well and not let any ink block your mesh but also careful not to degrade the stencil while cleaning. Too much elbow grease will wear down the stencil fast.
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We started doing t-shirts for a local bar two years ago. We made the screens then. We print for them weekly at least a couple dozen minimum. Same screens. We don't use a ton of screen buster or heavy-duty chemicals to clean with, but we do get them clean. It's Ulano TLX emulsion. Hope this helps.
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thank you I appreciate the responses
After you expose the screen and wash it out, blot it and set it out in the sun to dry for maximum post-exposure. This will aid in stencil integrity.
I burn the screens then set them out in the sun for 10 minutes........I have been using the same screens for a customer for over a year with no issues so far.

It also aids is reclaiming. I do it not only for the post-exposure benefit, but by the time I've shot and washed out the next screen, the first is bone dry.
Thank you, I will set the screen out in the sun for about 10 min. or so. Never thought about doing that thanks again.
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