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Emulsion washed out completely, help

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8 bulb DIY exposure unit, last used 1 week ago (burned fine)
Normally use ChromaBlue Emulsion
I get burn times of about 2 minutes for a N128 mesh

Today I just opened a new batch of ChromaTech PL 2 for a halftone job. It's not expired. I've got N272 mesh and round coated 1:1. The "user guide" for the emulsion suggests 30 second burn times on N128 for the Chromablue and 20 second burn times on a N272, (assuming they're using single point, metal-halide for those times)

Both emulsions have identical burn times in their user guide. So I figured for the N272 and ChromaTech PL 2, based off my ChromaBlue times, I could start by trying a 1 minute burn time. Well it completely washed out, easily... Is there a sweet spot with this emulsion? I've never had anything wash out completely, it either was over exposed or I've had some sort of image burned. Could it be bad emulsion? Should I just go back to my Chromablue and would that be sufficient to hold the halftones? 45lpi Or I extend the burn time and see what that does. Just wondering if there's an easy answer here?

EDIT/UPDATE 2:00 minutes exposure didn't help, washed out easily.
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So either the emulsion is bad or the UV bulbs are shot? can they just die within a week? or I need to expose much much longer...

Can frozen emulsion during shipping have these issues?
If it froze then that is where your problem may be. This is directly from the tech sheet "PL-2 is not freeze/thaw stable." I always try to order emulsion in the fall before the freeze hits.
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Yeah I have a feeling that is exactly what it is now. Ugh. Thanks

It didn't sit outside my door for more then a minute, so somewhere in transit it had to have froze.
Anyone know if the regular ChromaBlue will hold 45lpi halftones on N272 mesh with my 8 bulb exposure unit?
If you have your times down you should have no problem. I have exposed 55 and 65 with Photopolymer emulsion on 205.
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Single point or multi bulbs? :) May have to dial in my times a little closer for these half tones. I'm always around a 7 or 8 on my exposure strip. Just recoated with the chromablue and now waiting for that to dry. We'll see how this comes out.
I have done it with both. The multi point requires that you have it closer to the exact exposure time.
Looks like they'll work, lost very little detail. Pleasantly surprised. If it goes well I'll put some pictures up in the "show your work"
I realize that this post is a few years old. I thought i would mention if it was shipped via air (former Fedex employee here.) It is possible that it froze in flight. Not to mention winter conditions. ;)
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