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Emulsion Thickness for Printing Discharge

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Hey, I was wondering what is best thickness of emulsion for printing discharge. Do you want a fairly thin well, or thicker. I go 1/2 for applying my emulsion, but I'm wondering if I should just coat each side of the screen once with the thick side of the scoop coater? That way the discharge ink is going into the shirt and not much is going onto the shirt. Anyone have any thoughts?
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thicker so the discharge penetrates into the fabric
You want a thinner coat of emulsion so the ink that you push through the screen goes into the shirt and doesn't lay on top of it. If the stencil is thick the ink will sit on top of the shirt as a film, like plastisol. You want to push the discharge ink into the fabric, not have it sitting on top. I tried the thicker stencil for a bit thinking that it would put more ink down. It does put more ink down but only puts it down on top of the shirt and not into the fibers which is where the discharge action actually takes place. I do a 2/2 with the thin edge of the coater. I would recommend the 2/2 over the 1/2 because you want to push the emulsion into the mesh as much as possible. When coating for discharge I try to get the thinnest most durable stencil I can.
Don't quote me on this one, but I kinda think you need a good balance. Yes, you want it on the thinner side, but you don't want it too thin either. Discharge inks will attack the emulsion quickly and you don't want the ink to eat through your emulsion in the middle of a job.
Thin, 2/1. Add hardener or a use a discharge specific emulsion to prevent breakdown.
num one.. there is no "right" way to coat a screen... its different for each mesh screen tension.. etc.

ALL i print is waterbase and discharge... coat the substrate side (flat side) of the screen until it is shiny like a mirror on the inside of the screen. ( your trying to push the emulsion all the way through the screen, thats what makes it mirror like on the inside) then you want to go to your squeegee side of your screen and push the emulsion through the mesh usually takes 1 maybe two times. and dry your screen substrate side down.. (flat side down)

the ink will soak into the shirt itself. so you dont need to kill yourself driving the ink into the shirt. maybe just a little bit more pressure than plastisol.

screen making is one of the MOST important things!!
num one.. there is no "right" way to coat a screen... its different for each mesh screen tension...

...screen making is one of the MOST important things!!
Very well put. Artwork and screens are the most important steps.
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