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Emulsion Paper Not Exposing in Sunlight?

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I got some emulsion sheets and have been attempting for the first time to screen print. I researched how long to leave the screen out in the sun and usually the answer I found was somewhere between 20 seconds and 3 minutes. I left my screen out for no more than 4 minutes (it was a bluish color) but when I went to rinse the unexposed emulsion off, the whole thing bubbled and stretched, and the emulsion only came off well in a few places. Is this because my image (which is some text) is too detailed or what?

I tried looking on the forum for solutions, but I don't even know if my screen is overexposed or underexposed because it is reacting to the water in areas that were exposed, but the unexposed text is not coming off.

Oh, and I used regular transparencies, but doubled them up to make my text more opaque. Does anyone know why this is happening?
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I am guessing you are talking about capillary film. I am still experimenting using these but have had great results. you need to make sure it is dry, then pull out the plastic carrier sheet and let it dry some more. just makes sure your positive is firm against the screen and you have glass on top to keep light from getting under the positive.
Thanks. I didn't know about the glass part. Do you think that could be causing the emulsion sheet to bubble once under water?
if it bubbles and just washes off it may be caused by underexposure or emulsion not dry
Okay, thanks. I'll experiment a bit.
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