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emulsion for discharge inks

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I've coated screens using UDC-HV and I will be printing with discharge and plastisol inks. I just saw info that says that this emulsion has "some resistance" to water based inks. Will I have a problem with this using discharge?

Also, when I give up on this emulsion, can someone suggest a better alternative. I am trying to burn screens using a 500 watt halogen, I would prefer a premixed emulsion, and I will be using discharge and plastisol inks. I would love it if it lasted more than 4 weeks!!
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I have not tried the Emulsion your using..

But I can suggest Ulano QX-1 if you have problems with your other emulsion.
Oh and it's reasonably priced about $60/Gallon

QX-1 is meant for Plastisol, but if you harden the screen( I put mine in the sun for 5 min after exposing) that will make it work with Waterbased ink/ Disharge. I have yet to have a problem or any breakdown in Emulsion...

I expose with a 500w as well, it takes 32 min with a 1 n 1 coat of emulison, with the light at a 34" distance.
Hope this helps
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thank you for the response,
I coated some screens a few weeks back, is it too late to post expose them in the sun?
it should work, as long as it's been kept in a light safe box.
sorry to be unclear. The screens have already been burned with the images. If I want to post expose them to be used for discharge ink, is it too late to do that a few weeks later?
I Googled that emulsion, It says it should work just fine with both waterbased and plastisol.
you can always set it in the sun for a few min to make sure it's fully hardened.
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We recommend Murakami's Aquasol HV with emulsion hardener for water based and discharge inks. It is an outstanding emulsion and can literally hold up to 1,000's of prints using hardener. It's not that expensive and works great with plastisol too.

The other cool thing about this emulsion is that it can be applied extremely thick for printing high density and other special effects.

Check with your local supplier, it should run around $60 a gallon.
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