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Hey all,

Sort of new member here, though I've used this site for years for tips and info.

I've been having an emulsion problem lately.

I have a home set up and my screens are not washing out properly.

My set up is:

-I coat the screen in a bathroom with a bug light. Once I coat the screen and wash out the scoop coater (total time under a minute) I turn a fan directly on the screen (2-3 feet away) and leave the room and turn off the bug light. The room has a window that is completely blocked out. At night, nothing is visible. If I coat the screen during daylight, a very light sliver of light is visible outlining the door frame.

Then after a few hours I go back in the room and burn the image.

Emulsion used: Ulano QTX(about month old) - kept in closet between 60-70 degrees)
Light Source: 1 500W halogen bulb, located 18 inches from the screen.
-Aluminum 156 mesh
-Burn Time;

This varies - I used to keep the light about 24-26 inches from the screen and would burn anywhere from 9-11 minutes.

Then I lowered the light to 18 inches and was getting exposure times around 7 minutes.

I never had any trouble with this set up before at night. The last few times were during daylight hours though.

Past few times I am getting the images below: from nothing washing out, to the image getting destroyed to both on the same stencil.

Originally I thought I was overexposing so I was trying to lower the exposure time, 5 minutes 4, and lower; but nothing seems to be working.

Is that little light creep from the door ruining the emulsion? Is that minute in the bug light ruining the emulsion? Is my lamp burnt out - I've only used it to expose maybe 15 screens over 2 years?

*** you can see in the images, I tried the Stoeffer strip and 3 dimes on this last screen. One dime washed out, 2 did not, and the strip was a mess, like the image.

I uploaded the stencil as is should have appeared for reference.

any help would be appreciated and I will answer any questions


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-what are you printing your design onto? are you using output film,vellum,etc?
-1 minute to coat a screen and wash the scoop coater seems fast. are you making sure you are getting a uniform coat on the screen?? What side of the coater are you using?
-A couple hours might not be enough time to fully dry the screen especially if it's in the same room you just washed the scoop coater in. it might be more humid in the bathroom?

these are some questions/suggestions that might help to find out what the problem is. The bug light won't have any effect on the screens or the emulsion.

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thanks for the reply.

I have always used vellum though I plan on trying tonight on injekjet2 clear film I got from Victory factory (in queens, NY).

I coat on the outside of the screen as I expose with the light overhead. I never coated both sides, even when I took a screenprinting class at SVA we never coated both sides. I never heard of coating both sides until I read about it here. Maybe my last few coats were too thin.

Realistically I usually let it dry about 1.5 hours with a fan pointed near it and never had a problem. Again at SVA class we let them dry for much less time and they would be fine.

I always have a fan going but who knows. Humidity is interesting as it is inherently warmer in the daylight hours.
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