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Emulsion blowing off in chunks

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Lately i have been having this issue of my emulsion washing off in chunks. Instead of just running down and washing off, it is pieces of thick emulsion. When we reclaim and wash out the image. I have attached an image to show an example. Anyone know what the problem might be?


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Is this a new screen? Sometimes it's difficult to get emulsion to stick to new mesh, even after you degrease it. Get a can of Barkeeper's Friend from the store (it's in the cleaners section next to Comet...) and use that and a green scrubby pad (a new one) to scrub the living daylights out of both sides of the mesh. Rinse it well until the water sheets off the surface. Finally, make sure you're exposing it long enough. Underexposure is much less forgiving on new mesh. Too much exposure is better than too little.
I agree with Ripcord, looks under exposed
I agree. Underexposed. If this just started lately as you say, it may be time to change bulb(s) on your exposure unit.
might be too much emulsion deposit. If you run to thick a coat, it`s bound to under expose.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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