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EMT 10T - E-Stop Engaged Error

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Hi All,

First post, so hopefully I have put this in the right place.

I have a Melco EMT 10T.
I switched it on this morning and first noticed the light did not come on and then the dreaded message came across the screen "E-STOP ENGAGED", I pressed enter thinking I can work around it and then when I got to the point of Homing the machine it appeared again this time I could not get rid of it!
Does anyone have any ideas firstly what this is and also how to fix this?
I rang up Melco and they said a Power Supply costing well over £1000!!!
Any help would be very appreciative!!!

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sounds like a power supply. common issue. i think i may have an extra if you are looking for one, i will have to test it first.
Yes definately interested in getting one!
Melco tried to sell me one at well over £1000 which I think is quite a bit for a power supply!
If you have one just let us know information on the one you have,if you have it! Is it quite a simple task in fixing this part?

Thankyou adivito for a quick response too!

sally, it takes a little time but if you are handy its not the hardest job. i will check my and see if I have a working one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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