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Has anyone experience with a software that converts photos?
Is there a good software to convert images?

Up to now I draw everything myself and doing a good job if I may say so. But it is very timeconcuming and therefor pricy.
I constantly get remarks: "Oh so and so has software that..."
But 'm not really a 'believer'.

Anyone with good experiences?

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The latest service pack for wilcom includes PhotoFlash. I haven't toyed with it much, mainly because the resulting designs are fairly stitch heavy and the customers just don't seem to want to buy into the results.

PhotoFlash will take the graphics, convert it to grayscale and then generate a one color stitch file that varies densities and simulates the photo.

I'll attach a before and after of an image that I had on my desktop. It was a modest quality graphic and a screen capture of the PhotoFlash result. The result at just over 8" wide is 30,357 stitches. There is an option for either light or dark shirts as well. And like most of these things, the better the input, the better the output.

From opening the image to posting this message was less than 5 minutes.

Hope this helps a little...


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