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Embroidery software for zazzle

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I have an urgent question. I sell designs through zazzle and get quite a few converted to embroidery. I pay between $30 and $300 depending on size. I'm tired of paying that and want a cheaper alternative but they only take OFM (melco basically). Melco is offering me the design shop v9 basic and some vector addition (retails for $3000?) for $1950 after a monthly special and new customer coupon. Is getting an embroidey program for that much worth it or should I find an alternate digitizing service? Zazzle wants almost $300 for this design Navy SEALs T-shirts from Zazzle.com
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In addition to the cost you'll have at least a two year learning period. Do you have an embroidery machine? If not you'll need that to see how your designs embroider. I would find another digitizer.
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