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Embroidery on Fishing Shirts

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I am having trouble while embroidering on fishing shirts that have the mesh netting as a lining. I have been using a cut away backing, but the stitching is uneven and bobbin thread comes to the top of garment. Would appreciate any advice.
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So the mesh is creating an uneven background? Are the sleeves lined? If not can you locate the design on the sleeves? Sounds like your top tensions are too tight.
Customer wants the logo on the back of shirt. I am using 3.0 cut away. I have adjusted tension. Wondering if I should use a diffferent stabilizer. Thank you for responding.
Do you have an extra shirt you can use as a test mule? Try using it and adjusting your tensions using an H or FOX test, that should eliminate the bobbin thread showing. I'm thinking that is 95% of your problem, a fine mesh liner should not have a big impact unless it is really thick.
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