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Hey Guys,
just want to find out what embroidery machines yous are using and what quality your getting from them.

I have found one i have in mind (tajima) and know that the ones ive seen have great stitch quality.

Also is there anyone that can give me a valuation on what its worth??


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Need more info on the machine to give you a even a ballpark price, and even then it will only be a personal opinion.

Machine info needed:
No. Needles:
No. Heads:
Accessories (frames/hoops etc that come with it):
Sewing field:

Has it been looked after?
Has it been serviced regularly?

All these things will affect what it may be worth.

As for what I am using
HAPPY 12 needle single head
SWF 12 needle 4 head

Purchase was based on price and after sales service reputation at time of purchase.

Tajima is no longer looked after by EMSS.
Tajima Australia is based in Melbourne, and is a recent thing.
Still setting up agencies in other states, from what I can gather.
EMSS are now offering RICOMA machines.
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