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Embroidery Girls Add Heat Press

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Hello everyone,
My sister and I started an embroidery business a year ago in February, just last week we added a heat press to the mix. We are both moms with young kids (9 kids between the two of us ages 11yrs to 8wks) and wanted something we could do from home. I have the embroidery "shop" at my house and she has the heat press "shop" at her house. Once all the kids are in school, we hope to find one big shop to work out of. I am excited to have found this page and have a place to find answers (we feel very overwhelmed about this decorating business) and possibly pass on some of our knowledge.
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Welcome to the forums! :)
Welcome to the forums :)
The gang at Pro World welcomes you to the Forum. Nice to have you with us.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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