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Embroidery flexfit cap and fullbody print.

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We are an event company in Norway looking for someone who can help us out with flexfit cap with embroidery.

We are also looking for a company that can do fullbody print on a t-shirt. We have a logo that takes a portion of the front on the shirt.

We do not have the biggest budget to work with.

Both are low quota, around 50-100pcs.

We also are open for further co-operation.

Any help will be apprieciated.
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Shoot me an email we do both of these in our California factory.
We service international accounts regularly.

Jason A
You should have gotten it 8 hours ago, strange
Ok, still havent recieved anything. Shouldnt take that long. Maybe the our email programs dont like each other
It should have come from Marisa.
Let me know if you still dont see it.

Ah. My email was spelled wrong to it went into the postmaster email. Sent her a new email back.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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