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Embroidery designs

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Looking for some stock motorcycle designs I came across designsbysick.com
Prices are definitely great.....just wondering if anybody has used them and if the designs sew out well.
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It's probably best to check what type of machines they sew them out with, Commercial or Home based. We used some when we first got started, and they were made of homebased machines. We had a SWF 1501c which is a commercial machine, and had a terrible time sewing them out.

We know pretty quick based on our class from SWF that the designs had too many stops in it, and wasn't made for our machine. Luckily, the vendor gave us our money back.

If the design was created by a good digitizer you shouldn't have much of a problem. Try one and see how it goes. Usually they have a free sample for you to try.
I've used their designs on both a Viking home machine and commercial tajima, and for the most part have gotten decent sewouts. Some of their designs are better than others, but I've found that to be true with my Amazing Designs and Dakota Collectibles stock as well. --Liz
So, Liz, you make your own designs? Do you have them online so we can look at them? What state are you in?
Thanks for the info.....I ordered one set and will see how they sewout.
I've stitched out several designs by Designs by SiCK on both my Husqvarna and my Toyota ESP9100. Shawn Knight is the digitizer and does good work. You might also try ThreadArt:
Motorcycle Embroidery Design Downloads for specific types of cycles. And for something a bit edgy, try Urban Threads: Embroidery Designs at Urban Threads - Home and put motorcycle in the Search box.
Thanks Marcia......

I'll check them out!
Linel Designs has some motorcyle designs also with cars on 1 cd and a second cd of just cycles... I have the car cd, the couple that I've tried have stitched out very well on my SWF.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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