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Embroidery Alignment tool

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Does anyone know if there is an alignment tool for embroidery? I use a hoopmaster for left and right chest placements and pockets. I do a lot of jacket backs that have a minimum of 3 multiple placements that must be aligned with each other. So far I have used a ruler and yardstick to attempt to align the placements. I have become fairly accurate using this method. But every so often I will get a placement that is tilted one way or the other when it appeared straight when I hooped it. I was thinking about trying the Tee Square it tool as it looks like my yardstick and ruler. What do you use?
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we have the hoopmaster but use the mighty hoops from them. we basically use the t-square-it to measure for centerpoint and then do the math for multiple locations that need alignment on rehooping. one thing you can do is digitize the start point for the 2nd to nth positions with 3 points to make sure you have it right.
T square and ruler is fine. Use a bar of soap or some tailors chalk to mark a cross on the garment. This can be used to accurately mark the positioning when hooping and is easily removed with a damp cloth afterwards.
Is there any chance of digitizing the separate logo's together, so you can embroider them as if they were one. This would avoid the placement issue if they were close enough together to fit in a large square frame
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