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Embroidering Throws

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Can anyone advise me on the best way to embroidery a blanket/throw with thick pile? I use a tear-away on the back and a plastic tear-away on the top (from Madeira). I still have a problem with parts of the stitching getting lost in the pile. I'm hoping someone has discovered a trick to avoid this problem.

Thank you!!!
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You pretty much need to build a base underneath the stitching, otherwise it will just sink in as you have seen. If it is a fill area, you can try reducing the top stitching density and increasing the underlay. If it is text, sometimes it works to use a double zig zag instead of the normal zig zag or center line to give it a base to sit on top of... may just have to trial and error it to get it right.
Thank you so much! I will give this a try.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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