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I recently purchased an embroidery machine and I am getting ready to learn how to use it.

I would like to focus on embroidering those chunky knit Christmas stockings, and I am having a very hard time finding info/tutorials on how to embroider them.

I thought a good approximation would be to just look at beanie embroidery videos, but the knits are very different and I'm not sure if that plays into the end result.

If you have embroidered these before, could you tell me what supplies I need?
In regards to what type of thread and sticky backing?

Or just link me to a video/tutorial that will fill me in.


also, does anyone know where you can find these kinds of stockings with the fuzzy top:


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I've embroidered some stockings and many chunkier beanies. I always use sticky backing, along with a thick cut-away or athletic backing, and DEFINITELY use a topper*. Madeira has all those supplies, but their wash-away topper will make a huge difference, so be sure to get that. Otherwise, my regular polyneon thread has been fine, and I just make sure the thickness of the font is a bit wider than normal.

*topper can be annoying to remove, if you haven't done it before, and it'll leave an awful residue at first if you don't do it correctly. I just peel off all I can once the design is complete, then lightly wet those torn off pieces with a spray bottle (this will make them sticky), and dab them onto any of the pieces I couldn't remove myself.

Good luck!
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