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Hi all my name is Trina, i am new to t-shirts, etc. i have been doing embroidery for almost 3 yrs with lots of success. Since i have started digitizing my own designs (still buying artwork), i have had much better success with t-shirts. So i am narrowing down my business to tees. I have a supplier for t's that i am happy with but would like to get into some type of heat transfer or sublime and don't have a clue. My husband and i work together for the moment and have plans to attend a trade show to get more info. but we need to get some items done as we have a great demand here locally with friends and family, can't seem to get the enough done. which is a good thing, as soon as i make them they are out the door. the embroidered t's are more costly for some customers so we would like to do some heat transfers for those who don't wish to spend as much.

i am currently researching printers, any suggestions would be appreciate. i would love to have a kit, which includes a heat press. i do a lot of rhinestone work as well.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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