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Hope you guys can help with a question. I saw these old style Football shirt T-shirts on ebay;

GERMANY /DEUTSCHLAND RETRO STYLE SHIRT / JERSEY on eBay (end time 15-Jul-10 22:34:58 BST)

Retro Nottingham Forest 60-70s Style Football T Shirt on eBay (end time 17-Jul-10 20:57:16 BST)

The emblems/badges are all embroidered for these shirts. Do you guys think the sellers created these themselves, or had these manufactured elsewhere?

The reason I ask is that to produce bespoke embroided badges/patches/emblems for a small quantity (< 10) would be quite expensive -IMO.

There can't be much profit after buying in the T-shirts, and buying in those badges?

Or do you guys know a cheapway of purchasing embroidered emblems elsewhere?

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