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Electric Dryers

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Hi Guys,
I need your advice on choosing the dryer.. We are looking at 2 options
Option 1:
"M&R Fusion 36" Belt Width Electric Dryer, with 6 Radiant Panels 42" Infeed, 10' Heat Chamber, 30" Outfeed"
Option 2:
Ranar - Redstar series Infrared Conveyor Dryers Model #D630-3
I know a lot of people recommend to go with a bigger belt right away - but at this moment we are totally fine with 36" belt..
What experience do you guys have with these two brands? Price wise Ranar is half the price of M&R - M&R is always seems to be on the higher end with pricing - I dont know if we should spend the $$$ for the M&R or just go with a budget product Ranar..
Please advice of what experience you guys have with the two companies..
M&R will cost us about 14K and Ranar about 7K
Thank you
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What type of ink are you printing? Plastisol or water based?
I'm hoping to find something that can handle water based as well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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