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Either im too lazy or maybe smart

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Okay,....after all the research that ive made, my girlfriend hit me with a question that made me feel that maybe im doing too much. Does anyone besides myself feel that buying all the equipment is too pricy and too much work when i can just have a manufacter make my shirts.If so, can anyone give me a price range say 10 shirts of one design and then ten on another etc.Also can some one give me a good manufacter who does what i am trying to explain, and also give me some knowledge on other things i may encounter ,while trying to have it done.
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That is one way to do business, but I like having full control of the entire process from conception to delivery. ..... JB
So can u help me out on trying to do it my way
There's a bunch of companies out there that will manufacture your designs such as Cafe Press, Zazzle, Spreadshirt, etc., although they are starting to run a little pricey for one off shirt productions. This is definitely a viable way to get your product established, as well as, see which designs work and which ones don't. It's really easy to get in over your head and purchase all sorts of equipment without truly understanding what you are getting into. I'd start with some from free e-Commerce stores and start throwing up designs and have a third party produce your shirts for you, just make sure they offer the quality you want.

Continue to research on the actual production itself, that way if you ever decide to jump in head first you have an idea of what products you need to purchase, how to set it up, etc.
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I think a lot of people can and will advise you. If you have questions just post them and someone will give you a answer for sure. .... JB
Lots of people outsource the printing instead of doing it all themselves. Especially when their goal is to start a clothing line and sell their t-shirt "designs" and not to become a "t-shirt printer".

Happens all the time :)

You can find all the resources you need right here in the forums using the search box at the top of the page.

Here's a good place to start: start related topics at T-Shirt Forums

For only 10 pieces of one design, you'll probably be looking at Direct to Garment printing, since that type of printing has no minimums.

Screen printing usually requires a minimum of 12 pieces, but more often 25 pieces per design.

All you have to is find a direct to garment printer in your area to see if they can give you quotes on your projects. I've moved this post to the Service Referrals area since you were asking for people to give you quotes/leads on t-shirt printers.
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Okay i have decided that i will buy equipment instead depending on manufacterers to print my shirts.Thanx to the people who answered my question.:D
Re: reply

Jimmy, I truly think having control is important, so I would never turn the production over to someone else. ... JB
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