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"efillink" CISS

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I installed this system on my epson2400. If it is working properly should the ink in carts installed in printer run low? I have attached 2 photos showing the printer with the ciss attached and also showing the screen shot of the ink in carts when the printer starts to print. I have a feeling that the ciss is not pumping ink into the carts. If so can anyone say how to fix this?


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That's not the ink level. It's just what the print driver thinks you have used. It can't read the carts. When the software thinks its empty you will just follow the cart reset procedures and it will trick the software into "fillining" the carts.
if it is not pumping ink ..it will not print ..u will not even notice it if you are just printing a couple of pages .
good luck bro
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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