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I'm having trouble exposing this LED emulsion. I tried a range from 5 seconds to 10 min with a 21step calculator to dial it in and the 5sec-15sec range seems to work better than longer times. But the top layer of the emulsion starts to break down and get stringy... like a very thin coat of rubber starts to wash away once the stencil actually starts to wash out.

I'm using a 110 white mesh. I'm only coating one side (not squeegee side), 2 thin coats. I let the screen dry for 15 hours in a yellow lit room with space heater at 75 degrees and fan. I'm using 405nm led strips in a homemade lighting unit. The lighting unit works perfect at 7 min for ulano proclaim emulsion (diazo dual cure).

I don't want to keep using it to test, because I've coated four screens now and the emulsion is just getting wasted at this point.
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