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Eco-Solvent vs. Latex Printers

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I was at the ISA show in Orlando this past weekend and looking at a couple of new large format printers. The Valuejet Eco-solvent(which I'm very familiar with) and an HP LX 25500 latex printer. I wanted to see what opinions people on the forum have about these. The latex has some obvious advantages with the ink being dry and cured immediately after printing. Also the ink is environmentally friendly. However the ink costs twice as much as the Eco-solvent and the heads have to be replaced frequently. The Eco-solvent still lets of VOC gases in the air. I'm used to the Eco-solvents and think they are great printers overall with little maintenance needed. What do you think?
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If you go to signs101.com, you will find a wealth of information regarding the pros/cons of LATEX and ECO-SOL. Since you are VERY familiar with the MUTOH VALUJET, you may want to "...go with what brung yah..."
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