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Eco-Friendly Printing

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I am looking into making our print shop more envirionmentally friendly and wanted to see if anyone on here could point me in the right direction. Due to our setup we need to stay using plastisol inks...but are there any more "friendly" inks, cleaners, etc. Any help is appreciated.
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Also, look into using QCM inks. They're really nice inks and phalate free.
Here is a nice article about different methods of printing and the environmental implications: econscious - think before you ink. Hope it helps!
Michelle Thanks for that site, it will help me out to.
Thank you to everyone for all the help! Keep the info coming...
as soon as you go green you can bump up your prices a little as supplies and ink are a little more costly and i see you work on a thin margin. my prices went up when i started using w/b inks, soy cleaners and a natural gas dryer. people will seek you out to print for them if you offer green. stan
hey fred, when i first went to matsui water base ink i bought a six pack of screen opener. popped open a can last weekend to clear a plugged carb on my lawnmower. that's it, in over a year never had to use it to clear screens. it gets very very hot in fresno so i do have to keep moving. stan
The best thing for the environment, is to produce shirts which can be washed 100 time or more.
I suspect that only a small percentage of the billions of T-shirts in landfills are there because they wore out. Most are there because they went out of date, out of fashion, or were just never meant to be worn more than a couple of times in the first place.

Producing a shirt that can withstand 100 washings may turn out to be resource-intensive overkill in most cases. A more practical goal may be to produce a shirt that can withstand 10-20 washings but is easily compostable/recycled.
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