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i've been trying to find some infomation regarding where inks are produced and havent gotten very far
i have been looking into using permaset fabric inks as an enviromentally sound medium in tshirt printing but had a thought that the enviromental impact of inks that have tralled the world may be higher than inks produced here in the uk... for instance, from what i can gather permaset inks are produced in australia... i may be wrong on this but can only find that they are an australian company.. and as such even though they are friendlier inks enviromentally the fact they have travelled so far to get to me in the uk may mean that overall the enviromental impact is higher than that of plastisol inks produced in the uk... at which point i have no idea if any plastisols are produced in the uk either, does anyone know about any of this stuff, or have any infomation which may help me, the last thing i would want to do is advertise to my customers an eco friendly option only for it to be doing more harm than good.
any help would be greatly appreciated
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