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ellips dot angle on straight mesh

hi Newbie to this site but 30 years experience with good old spot colour screening, Comercial print Design and Sign Writting.

have done 4 col prints before but only as a contract printer using pre made screen ,
Am about to start process from scratch with new employer

here's what im about to do ....

col sep photo at 1200 dpi

turn alll seps into 22 degree ellips dots at 45 lpi

use basic 120 mesh all straight

print onto mid tone garment with thin white underbase

the picture is only abot 30% of the design and not overly fussed if it looks more cartoon than photo quality

from what ive gathered from forums and my own experience im thinking this should be fine.....

any help would be greatly appreciated

Audioloon :)

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Hello Audioloon,

You are close but I see some possible issues with your setup. I would prefer to see the design but here is a recommendation for the seps:

- 160 mesh on underbase

- at least 200 mesh on the photographic sections, but would recommend even higher.

- 22 degree angle should be fine but 45 degree is a common option too. This is debatable.

- Lastly, if you have never created process, simulated process or index seps, I would highly recommend using software for it. Generally speaking, you will most likely have a heck of a time doing it all manually through photoshop. It is possible, but difficult. If you don't want to use software, paying someone a few bucks to do it will be well worth the money.

Hopefully this helps a bit...

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