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eBay stores.. Worth it?

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I'm in the beginning stages of selling my own line of shirts online, and thought I'd get some updated opinions on this topic:
In addition to my own online store, is it worth my time to open an eBay store? Does anyone on here using them get good sales or exposure through theirs?
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The ebay link seems to help in searches, prices are all over the place on ebay. I would put them on as long as you have the time, especially if your Ts are unique. Ebay is like a mini e commerce site of your own, it costs some money to operate, but not much. My old site was linked to ebay, and my new one will be too. I didn't make a pile of cash on ebay, but some is better than none.
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Cool! Auctions or full store did you do?
First I tried auctions they were ok, but the simple store was better. I didn't really focus on ebay as much as I could have, but still sold shirts. This site can help you create a really nice ebay store w/ all the bells & whistles eBay Auction Management, eBay Templates, eBay Tools, and Image HostingeBay Auction Management, eBay Templates, eBay Tools, and Image Hosting
Have fun!
We sell on Ebay and another site called Etsy. Our Etsy sales have now taken over the Ebay sales, which is good since the fees on Etsy are so much less than Ebay. Otherwise we've become a power seller and have all kinds of benefits from Ebay since we continue to maintain 100% positive feedback.
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I think ebay could be great if you find the right keywords and have a strategy for selling the shirts. It might be worth a try!
So Rob, Did you open an Ebay store? If so, how is it working for you? I'm also considering opening an Ebay store.

Also, would you all recommend opening an Ebay store as your only internet presence?
For my quantities etc, I tried just a regular Ebay listing. Tried selling some items at various price points... didn't sell a thing!! I may have to go ultra cheap to get rid of these things! I still have my doubts about ebay's usefulness these days
It may work better if you have items to cross promote. I sell collectables and guitars on ebay, so I'm trying to create shirts to cross promote with those items.
Just be focusing on possibilities... if you DO have some clever strategy for leading people to buy, and become successful with several orders each day, do you want to ship them all yourself? Do you wish to do that extra task? If you are the printer, or you have several t-shirts in several sizes sitting there waiting in your home, then go for it :)
However, if you really would like to have the printers ship each shirt you sell, while you concentrate of marketing/advertising.... then I wouldn't burden yourself with the added madness and time spent. It's really all about your own preferences and time availability... at least this is what I was thinking when I pondered the idea myself ;)
I do my own printing and am self employed, so for me it should be worth it. In this economy you throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks.
Shannon, interesting strategy. Do you have a store on one of those fulfillment sites (Cafepress or District Lines, etc.?) OR do you have your items drop shipped from other companies?
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