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eBay Shop Stock? Purchased or Designed?

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Hi people,

Just have a quick question im hoping someone can help me with. Me and my partner have just started a business after leaving university (we're been doing t-shirts casually for a few years now).

Were opening up a shop on eBay and was wondering how the other shops manage to build such a huge inventory of designs. We we're planning to do all our designs ourself but it just seems totally unrealistic for a two man team to make 1000+ designs. Here are a few examples of the shops which im talking about..

zavazing items - Get great deals on Messages, Humour items on eBay.co.uk Shops!
Creative T-Shirt Company items - Get great deals on Girls, Boys items on eBay.co.uk Shops!
The Cool T-Shirt Company items - Get great deals on Hoodies, Size XXL items on eBay.co.uk Shops!

Are the designs purchased in bulk or are they actually doing them all independently, if so it seems hard to imagine how we could compete operating how we currently do.

Thanks for the help people, really appreciated.

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Alot of those type of stores order the stock transfers and do a print on demand type deal. That way they don't need the full inventory. It's easier imo to get transfers made and print the shirt as they are ordered.
Don't suppose anyone could point me in the direct of these kinds of services so i could take a look?

Thanks a lot for your reply.
A popular one is on the vendor list to the left of the screen. Look for ProWorld. They have a large assortment of printed transfers. Hope that helps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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