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Ebay Heat Presses

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Has anyone purchased an "off brand" heat press from eBay? I've heard of issues with fuses and fuse housings that are blowing within a few days of receiving them. Is this a common issue with heat presses? I have a Geo-Knight DK20 and have had no issues...but I was looking at picking up a hat press to do some trucker style hats and $200 with free shipping is almost too good to be true...maybe it is?
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It is to good to be true. They are poorly made and have bogus UL stickers on them. I bought a combo unit with cup and hat press and they had problems with the cords overheating and throwing the breakers in my studio, the fuses on the unit never blew. I sent them back and had to threaten legal action to get a full refund.
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We bought one and had great success with it. It did finally blow the fuse, and burn the cord, but we had the same problem with Geo Knight 16 x 20. In both cases we had to have the companies send us new parts, and we were back in business.

Now, we had three heat presses one from Geo Night, Hix, and heat press123 which is the ebay company. We've done very well with all three with the exception of the power assembly on both the Geo Night, and Heat Press123.

The Geo Night, and Hix had the best documentation if that matters.
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Thanks for the info guys. I know a guy that works at a Micro Center who said he could get me cheap replacement parts should the things like the chord or fuse box be inferior. Since I have this luxury, I'll pick one up and let you know how it hold up. THanks again!
Thanks coorsDTG. The replacement parts were only $20 plus shipping for the 123heatpress, and free from Geo Knight since we only had the machine for a month.

I believe the 123heatpress is the same as graphic123 on Ebay, but not 100% sure. The shipping was free. Our UPS guy hated it, but he was nice enough to help me carry it into my office. The guy that delivered my Embroidery machine, and DTG brought it up the 3 stairs stoop, and thru the entry way, stopped, turned around and left.

When he got back outside He said, how do I get out of here, can I just drive through, and back down another street.

He had just cleared the doorway, and I said nope, you have to back that big 5th wheel out the way you came in. I told him, do you want me to help you get out, and he said Yes.

I told him, Well, I want someone to help me carry the Embroidery Machine the rest of the way into the shop. I slammed the door, and locked it.

Of course I was just kidding, but when I turned around I bumped into the machine so I pushed it into the position we made for it. Than I realized I left the guy outside so I ran out to help him and he was gone.

Oh well, at least I was going to help him get out.
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