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Very concerned here! I've been pressing thousands of items for a customer using Easyweed Stretch. Typically he picks up the order every few days but he went on vacation the past 2 weeks so an order has been sitting waiting for him. I took a look at part of the order today and noticed that some spots all of a sudden appeared. Attached is an up close image (not allowed to post his whole logo on here).

At first, the recommended settings of 305 for 15 seconds did not work properly. The vinyl would peel very easily. I instead began doing 325 at 15 seconds and it worked well. Could this somehow be the problem? Immediately after pressing and days later the image looks fine.


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have you trialed other materials to see if the same occurs?

you really should have a test tee with all the materials available to you,
use the same design for each material and press to a new tee
(if you use 3 different fabrics, then one test tee for each blend)

then do extensive wash/dry testing
(i keep mine at the bottom of my hamper, that way they get washed/dried every time i do laundry)

not only will that help you, but if a customer comes back and says it came off after 3 washes
you can say, that's odd i have the exact same tee with over 50 washes and it is till good
did you follow the instructions on the hang tag?

ok, onto your present issue:
it looks like the adhesive layer has de-laminated from the vinyl layer and sunk into the fabric,
leaving the vinyl on top and the fabric peeking through
i am pretty sure the adhesive layer is also colored as is the vinyl layer
so, too much time/heat/pressure,
did you do re-press as well?

i've had regular easyweed do this to me (as i recall esp. the white),
so the stretch may function in a similar manner

sticky brush, pre-press shirt 7 secs, 305 15 secs med/high press, peel, repress with parchment for 7-10 secs
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