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EasyCutStudio or SureCutsAlotPro?

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I am looking for a user friendly program that can work both on mac or Windows, or just Windows if need be.
I have downloaded a trial of Easy Cut Studio and for a beginner found it user friendly, however I have seen recommendations for Sure Cuts Alot Pro and I am wondering if this is a better program?
As I have a Mac, I also run Affinity when need be but could look into Photoshop, Illustrator etc.
I am more after a program that can trace and design and cut.
Is there anything else out there I haven't considered?
I am happy to pay for a program but wouldn't want to spend more than $300 AUD at this stage.
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I do all of our designs in Illustrator, and then import to Sure Cuts Alot Pro to send it to the cutter. Works great for us, and the actions in SCALP are similar to Illustrator, so there was no learning curve when we added it. That said, we don't use it at all for design, so no idea how well it works for that.
Thanks guys. The software is by the same company, so not sure if one has more features then the other or they are basically the same program operating under different names. I will have a look at Sign Lab.
make sure any program is compatible with your cutter

you can download a trial of scalp

i use make-the-cut, has a really good import and trace function and is easy to use
Signlab will work with basically EVERY plotter ever made...(within reason).
It is a great program, with a lot of handy features when making signs or shirts.
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