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Easy to be creative...selling is another thing!

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Hey. My name is David, but go by db. I developed a number of tee shirt brands with a friend of mine (both of us work in advertising) under the corporate entity (parent brand) called "Untucked Apparel". Sure, it's easy to be creative (well, that's subjective), but it's another thing trying to sell product in retail or online. Yep...we learned that the hard way. Good thing we didn't get too stupid and produce a ton of inventory.

That said, we produced tees for 3 brands, 4 or 5 different shirts per brand (male and female cuts/styles), in a range of sizes. Really cool packaging, graphics etc. Brands include:

"Sex is Good" brand (yes, an edgy spinoff of that other, successful "...is Good" brand

"Bean Juice" -- you know, what you get when you squeeze coffee beans. (a line of fun Coffee Tees for people addicted to the bean. This brand's logo was successfully trademarked) and

The "Sodom & Gomorrah" brand - named after those twin cities known for biblical decadence, ultimately destroyed by the Big Guy upstairs (having fun with the "It's the end of the world...and I feel fine" attitude).

Just curious what insight people in this forum might have for a guy with a closet full of quality-screened shirts (Comfort Colors 100% Heavy Weight cotton)?

Do your worst...


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"Sex is Good"

"Bean Juice"

"Sodom & Gomorrah"
To be blunt, I don't see the appeal for any of those slogans. Being over 50, I might not be your demo, but that's MHO.

Are those the quotes on the shirts or are there more quotes under those brands?
Any graphics?

Have you researched and soul-searched your target market to have the best chance of selling out?

I'm small-time (1500 to 3000 per year) and all I own is a computer for design...no presses or anything else. (Looking around at possibilities)

My past campaigns have been police/fire/ems, dog food manufacturers, brewery distribs, realtors, insurance agencies...all across the road categories. I get ideas from the local papers, blogs, forums, etc.

After I lock-in a concept and contract a short run, I identify folks at the top of the pyramid that will purchase in volume, or have influence in the markets I target.

Then it's just a few phone calls, quick ad casual meetings, or other networking to gage the market and get selling. I don't want to sell 3,000 at a time, just 30 100X.

I've sold "some" on Ebay but haven't pushed it. Haven't tried real online either.

Best wishes!
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I'm a printer. One of my customers has an edgy fashion line and he's starting to take off a bit. One of his strategies is to "sponsor" a bunch of up and coming local bands. By sponsor, he means give them a bunch of free clothing. If there are 3 or 4 good bands at a small venue, usually he'll get a few of the singers (and sometimes most of the band) to wear his gear, and he'll have a small booth set up in the merch area. Most of these bands have a small but loyal following being built up, so if some high school girls see there favorite singer rocking his shirts, they naturally want one of there own.

It seems like slowly but steadily his sales and name rec is increasing. Might work for some of your edgier lines.

For the coffee line, I'd find an indie coffee shop (i.e. not starbucks), and see if they'd be willing to sell on consignment.

Good luck!
I actually like the Bean Juice idea maybe because I am a coffee addict and also because I already have a few bean juice tees in my closet, but as a female I would hate the heavy weight tee you are using. Light and breezy is my thing.

Now to your question - I think you need to get your designs out in front of the people that are most likely to buy your product and keep it there. (Easier said than done, right!) Plain and simple you have to market the brands. It takes time, and it takes money. The first thing I would suggest is getting a website because I could not find one. People can't buy what they don't see.
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