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Easy lettering for tie-dye Tees

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I make tie-dye Tees and a customer who just ordered a dozen for his barbecue business asked for my advice on putting the name of his business on the Tees. He's looking for something easy but more professional-looking than the fabric markers he used last time.

Any recommendations?
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Heat transfer vinyl..white would be your best choice and it would stand out
Could you elaborate a little please - what is heat transfer vinyl? He wants black lettering.
Heat transfer vinyl is cut with a cutting plotter, then applied using a heat press. I'd use the search function of this forum, very helpful.
No heat press. He needs something he can do at home.
I have seen my roommate use a home iron to apply precut vinyl letters that he purchased at a craft shop.
Thanks, all.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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