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Easiest way to load blogs to my website???

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hi, I'm having a website set-up by some fellow students at school and here is what I'm trying to get:

A homepage with a shopping cart link, and a few boxes that contain different blogs and their respective archives.

I am computer dumb.

What's the easiest way for this to be set up so that I can update the blogs with my limited abilities?? I'll still be getting tech help for other site things, but would like to be able to write articles and post them myself.

There would be 4 "boxes" to click on, each about a different subject...tools, motorcycles, etc.

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oh yeah, I forgot, I basically just want the blogs to be accessible via the website. I don't think I'm gonna do social media to start.
Have you talked to your fellow students about the best method? What program are they using for the ecommerce site?
we're not really sure yet. Maybe big cartel, or big commerce. Something $20 or less a month where I can take credit card payments and get hit with the fewest fees.

I'm on a budget so we're just doing the best we can. I'll probaby try to 'run' the site for a month or so before actually going live, to help me learn.

If I have any success I will be able to have it re-done to get closer to what i want but right now I have to do what I can with very little money

we're trying to find the easiest method for me to eventually do as much as I can on my own. But that won't include programming
I would recomend using host sites that give you those features. I would recommend YouTube mini series for ecommerce. Get as much information as possible before spending any money.
Check out Wordpress ecommerce. You can have a store and blog included on the platform and many templates are free. For example: Wootique | WooThemes
The simplest way is to create your website through WordPress and buy a premium theme. That will give you a good start, but you cannot grow your business that way because eventually you'll need T-Shirt customization and different prices and options to run this kind of business. My favor place to ask for advice is americanbusinessbusiness.com because they always gave me useful and free advice.

But ultimately I think to grow this kind of business is to use Magento platform as it is the Godzilla of ecommerce platforms.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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