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I've been using Lunarpages for almost 3 years now with pretty much no problems. I'm running 2 different OSCommerce shopping carts and one Commerce-CGI shopping cart that are all tied to the same merchant account. I use Payment Resources as my merchant account since they also gave me a way to process credit cards through my Palm 700/755. I can process credit cards pretty much anywhere I can get a cell signal and data connection from Verizon.

I started with the Commerce-CGI cart because I also didn't want people to have to register to be able to complete a purchase. I ended up having to code a gateway file to get it to work with my merchant account... took me about 2 weeks but at least I learned basic CGI... It's cumbersome to add new garments and products but that may also be a function of how I have things structured.

The OSCommerce carts were much easier to configure the gateway to the merchant account. At the same time, it was a lot harder for me to get my option files set up and my various garments and designs configured. There are a lot of add-on user contributions available but they pretty much require you to know how to install and configure things - not easy if you are not a unix/computer type person.

Bottom line, there doesn't appear to be any cheap 'easy button' for people who are ecommerce-challenged.... That's why there are a lot of people out there who making money coding this stuff.
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