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Oh yeah - the designer who did my logo said she'd charge me $399 for 10 pages ... now, she has to check w/ her programer (so I'm assuming the $399 is for her artistic abilities and the programmer's gonna put it all together ?) Not sure what he'll charge.

that's a great deal

Another guy will charge $50 / hour to make a site for me. He already has a t-shirt biz w/ Netfirm and a shopping cart w/ shopify - good / bad / ugly !?

If I had a choice, I'd use printmojo since part of their company's local (Sacramento) but can't afford a fulfillment co. at this time - sorry Rodney !

If you've read this far - THANK YOU VERY MUCH !
Phew ~
Colleen :)

P.S. My (one) domaine name's registered w/ hostmysite.com ... not sure about using them either!
I personally charge at least $50/hour for web fees too.
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