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Anyone have a t-shirt preference for dye sub printing...Soft'Link or Vapor?
The Vapor Apparel T's are more of an athletic cut. The Vapor also have the moisture wicking Intera yarn which does just that ... keeps one cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter.

The SoftLink are a bit heavier (more like the feel of a Hanes Hefty 100% cotton). These shirts have the cotton layer inside and the polyester layer on the outside. They definitely do not "breathe" as well as the Vapor, but they are also more "dense" to see through. Our women wearers prefer the SoftLink ... it's not so "see-through" ...

Vapor does carry a "ladies" basic t-shirt which is heavier and not so "see-through", but it has a doofy collar ... not a traditional t-shirt collar ... the girls I showed these to were like "what's with the collar?" More for the "mature" women, I guess.
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