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Dye Sublimate on Wicking Mesh/Dazzle Jersey

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I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Dye Sub on a Red Basketball Jersey that is made of 100% polyester wicking closed hole mesh * 100% polyester dazzle fabric.

I wanted to sub in White Name and Numbers on Jersey and put a logo on the shorts with the same material.

Or can you heat press on the items?
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There is not white ink for dye sublimation thus you can not print white on a red jersey/shorts. Dye sublimated basketball shorts/jerseys are typically done using cut and sew methods. A good 'dazzle" fabric prints really well using dye sublimation.
What Mark said.

On red colour you can dye-sub black design - providing your jerseys are not too dark shade of red.

If you want names and numbers to be white, there's breathable (perforated) vinyl available out there.
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