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Dye Sub Socks Questions

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Hello. I have recently started a small bussiness specializing in selling Nike Elite Customs. I have spent weeks researching and reading the threads on this forums, and now I just have some final questions I would like answered by this experienced and amazing community.

1) Dye Sub ink is $300 for 26 ml of each four colors, by Sawgrass Tech. Would it be possible to avoid buying from this company and instead fill empty, refillable cartridges with this Chinese knock-off sub ink? Sublimation Ink US$20/Litre For Epson C82/C84/C86/C88 Printers

2) If it is unavoidable and I am forced to buy off of Sawgrass, then how many full, colored, 11x17 sheets of paper do you think I would use up before having to buy more ink? An estimate is fine.

3) Would it be possible to just avoid buying the sub ink, transfer paper, and printer itself and just have someone print the designs for me? I have looked into this and seen it across many posts on this forum but I wasnt sure if people were talking about doing this for dye sub ink. I heard of a member here called "skdave" who offers it? Can anyone give more info on this?

4) I am in need of custom Nike Elite templates. I have come across many of the same designs used by different companies, and it is ok to do so since there is no copyright associated with their products. I am in need of someone who offers these templates, or if you have your own unique design templates I would be interested aswell. Here is an example of what kind of designs I am looking for: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/01...ustom-Rock-Em-Sock_1024x1024.png?v=1386193268

5) I have not bought a heat press yet. Is there anywhere I can go locally that has a top quality heat press? If not, can I purchase a heat press of Craigslist, or is that too risky considering I am an amateur when it comes to this stuff. I saw a Clamshell 16x20 Heat press on ebay for $320. I am not sure if this brand is good, but if anyone has any recommendations for a low-budget, decent quality heat press let me know.

I hope to make an educated decision on what to buy. I love learning more about this business and this website and its beloved members have taught me so much. Thanks!
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I just answered your PM, Thanks
Thanks, I still would like my questions answered though.
Not trying to be a a hole but why would you start a small business specializing in selling Nike Elite Customs Socks If you don't know or have the equipment to do all this. but all your answer are already answered in other Nike Sock Post. Most everything you mentioned is there. First learn the ins and out of these socks then go from there 99% of use that print custom elite socks have that rib issue its a pain and hard to go away. good luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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