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Dye Sub Paper with Grid

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I'm about to order my first dye sublimation transfer paper for shirts (Texprint), and just realized there's no grid on the back. Ever since I discovered the grid on JPSS and 3G Opaque, I've been thrilled to have it. Why don't all the paper have it?

Can someone recommend any good papers for dye sublimation, with a grid? Or tell me why I don't need it :)

Thinking further... would I not need to cut out the image, as I do with inkjet transfer prints?

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There's no need to cut sublimation paper. Simply print your design on it with your sublimation printer, in reverse, and place it print down on a polyester t-shirt in your press. Anything white in your image will appear as the base colour of the t-shirt, which is why dyesub is used almost exclusively on white 100% polyester material.
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We do very little with premade apparel items but when we do I see a grid on the back being perfect for centering, etc.
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Purchase a T Square and draw a line on the back of your sheets.

We can see right through the paper and see the design.
What is the best way you use to tell the proper side for printing. They say the shinning side, seems at times I have a problem distinguishing that side.

There are various sub papers out there. On most papers it's the matte side what you print on. The current type I've been using is TexPrint which has the TexPrint logo printed on the back. No way to screw up. For lining up some people use the t-square t-shirt gizmo (I have one), others just a ruler. I just eyeball it.
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A trick I learned a while ago for telling what side to print on is to lick your finger and get your thumb and finger slightly damp and pick up the paper. The print side will stick to your finger...or thumb.
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We use trupix classic, when it arrives, and first thing we do is mark every sheet with just a squiggle from a pencil on the back of every sheet and then put them back in the box.
yes it takes 5 minutes but when they are fresh you can tell which is the print side because it's whiter and saves hassle if you change paper and put them to one side for a few minutes
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